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Booker ... you there? I miss you
Evan | 14 | England
Professional obsessor over BioShock and Badass females in games
♥Liz ♥Ellie ♥Clem ♥Booker ♥Sander ♥Jack ♥Joel ♥Lee ♥Kenny ♥Bigby ♥Snow♥Delsin ♥Fetch ♥Reggie ♥Eddie

"I'm real glad to have met you, Clementine"

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To build a city at the bottom of the sea! Insanity. But where else could we be free from the clutching hand of the Parasites? Where else could we build an economy that they would not try to control, a society that they would not try to destroy? It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea.

It was impossible to build it anywhere else

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Video games → men (concept art)


ok here it is really late and i’m sorry it’s so long i just couldnt cut any of them out because i got attached to these horrible jokes but i condensed them at the bottom


Damn who nominated Luke to do the ice bucket challenge


I chose the impossible. I chose… Rapture.


sometimes i forget that my favorite video game characters are just a collection of pixels with voice actors behind them like i literally just think of them as actual living breathing beings that exist and are their own person and live in their own little worlds and it makes me really sad knowing that that’s not how it actually is

Look what bombay-unicycle-club got me for my birthday
Art by bookerjustdewitt

Look what bombay-unicycle-club got me for my birthday
Art by bookerjustdewitt

On the 12th September this blog will be a year old so there might be a lil surprise on that day *moonwalks out*

I live on both sides of the fence. And my grass is always green.

make me choose -> hwoaarang asked: Elizabeth or Eleanor?